Empowering Women in Technology: How to Break Barriers  and Build a Rewarding Career  

“The most enjoyable part of my job is to work with people with different kinds of skills, backgrounds and experiences. What we can achieve together is un-imaginable.”  

Lejla Rizvanovic, Software Developer at Tietoevry.

Women in Tech Speak Out: Personal stories of challenges, Successes, and Tips for Breaking Barriers

When Framtiden met some of the women who work at Tietoevry, the room was filled with a sense of passion, engagement and excitement. We asked the employees to describe their work, and in general, they described days filled with fast-paced learnings about new innovations, collaboration across borders and fulfilling challenges that build strong relationships within their teams. Lejla Rizvanovic, Software Developer at Tietoevry, emphasizes that some of the beneficial skills needed to succeed in the tech industry are persistence, ability to work within teams and a strong desire to learn every day.

“I think one of the best parts of my work is that it is technically challenging and stimulating. At our office we work in cross-functional teams. You are never alone with different tasks and challenges. You have a lot of opportunities to develop yourself. Also, it’s fun to work with projects that are spread around the globe. It allows you to discuss, collaborate and brainstorm”

Josefine Rust, Project Manager at Tietoevry

Each path that led the employees to the tech-field is unique. Chung Lee Linzie, Software developer at Tietoevery, shared that she did not initially choose to pursue a career in tech. Instead, she started out studying business which has provided her with great knowledge and experiences. Although, when she relocated to Sweden, she took the opportunity to explore her interest in technology and started studying in that field. It’s a decision she takes great pride in. In the tech industry, she experiences a strong sense of belonging and inclusion. A colleague of Chung Lee, Sritha Bandla, who as well is a Software Developer at Tietoevry, shares that choosing a career in the tech industry was not a straightforward decision for her. However, she has grown to love it because of the daily challenges it presents. She finds that working to provide solutions is very satisfying.

“Engineering and software development is all about solving problems for the customers as well as the people you are working for. It’s a very engaging field.”

Sritha Bandla, Software Developer at Tietoevry

Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech: Strategies for Encouraging and Supporting Women to Pursue a Career in Technology 

Josefine who is a project manager at Tietoevry discusses how to attract more women to join the tech industry. In her opinion, the challenge lies in motivating young girls to pursue their interest within technology. It is crucial to let them know that they belong in the world of tech, where they can follow their dreams and unleash their creativity. By taking this path, they will encounter a diverse range of tasks and opportunities while contributing to developing the future – and the world! When we asked Chung Lee Linzie, Software Developer at Tietoevry, what advice she would give to other women contemplating a career in tech, she responded:

“Give it a try. It’s a great working environment, it’s diversified and inclusive.”

Chung Lee Linzie, Software Developer at Tietoevry

Now, we are aware that this is not every woman’s experience within the field of tech, but there are companies out there investing into diversity and creating a platform for more women to join the workforce. To provide a more diverse workplace studies have shown that initiatives as the following can increase gender diversity in the workplace: 

  • Flexible work arrangements: offering remote work and flexible hours can make it easier for employees to achieve a better work-life balance. These benefits are greatly appreciated by the women at Tietoevry whom we met, especially those who are working parents. We believe that flexible work arrangements can help to attract and retain a diverse range of employees and increase the chance of recruiting talented and skilled individuals.
  • Mentorship programs: having diversity and representation across all levels of an organization is crucial. Women still face significant barriers to career advancement, particularly in senior leadership roles. However, studies have shown that women who have access to mentorship and sponsorship programs in their workplace are more likely to advance to a more senior leadership position. In addition, companies with diverse leadership teams are more Innovatie, have better financial performance and are better equipped to meet the needs of the customers.
  • Diverse recruitment and hiring practices: studies show that companies that implemented diverse recruitment and hiring practices had higher levels of gender diversity in their workplace. One way of getting there is to implement evidence-based recruitment, a method that is shown to increase the chance of a gender diverse company by providing a structured and objective approach to hiring. This can reduce bias and increase the likelihood of selecting a diverse range of candidates who are best suited for the job.

Framtiden is proud to collaborate with Tietoevry, a company that provides a supportive environment that fosters growth, diversity and innovation. Finally, we’d like to conclude with the words from Jyothirmayi who works as a software developer to encourage you who are thinking about joining the tech industry. 

“For women who are starting a career in tech – go for it! What are you waiting for? It’s a lot of fun working in technology, and you get exposed to cutting-edge technology every day”

Jyothirmayi Pechetti – Software Developer at Tietoevry